S80 – Welding carriage oscillator S80

Welding carriage oscillator S80 is a welding portable machine for MIG or TIG welding, travelling on tracks.

It combines the functions of the carriage with those of the electronic oscillator for filling thick joints or for hard facing:

• Speed adjuster 5 to 130 cm/min.
• Switch forward-stop-reverse and weld on/off.
• Torch oscillation, that’s: amplitude, frequency, centre and pause.

S80 is a unit with drive oscillator for quality welding in every position: horizontal, vertical, frontal, overhead.

The welding carriage oscillator S80 is easy to install and use for the lightweight and small size
Drive motor with tako and oscillator motor with encoder for hight precision movements
Pc boards with hight reliability and shielded from hight frequency.

  • DC motor with tako
  • Gearbox
  • Gears transmission on rack of tracks
  • Pinion fast lifting
  • Wheels pression on track setting
  • Structure on machined aluminium
  • DC motor with encoder
  • Ball bearing screw with ball bearing guide
  • Bellow protection
  • Useful stroke 80mm.
  • Vertical arm with torch holder
  • Power source : 230 Vac or 48 Vac on demand
  • Power : 300 VA
  • Weight of the unit without arm : 14 Kg.