Welding modular tables

DESK is a series of tables conceived to assist the welder in all his operational activities, thanks to the peculiarities described here below:
• The planarity and the orthogonality of the planes guarantee precision of positioning.
• The high precision of the holes, both on the diameter and relative to the drilling center distance, makes it possible that each accessory is always positioned in a repeatable position.
• The nitriding and oxidation treatment, carried out both on the tables and on the main accessories, guarantees surface hardness and avoids the adhesion of the welding projections.
• The availability of a wide range of accessories avoids, or at least reduces, the need to build metal jigs for the different workpieces.
• The locking system by ball pins allows the quick and easy locking of the accessories.

  • 1 – Precision.
    Planes planarity and orthogonality, together with the tight tolerances on the holes and their positions, guarantee repetitiveness and quality of the assemblies.
  • 2 – Locking system by ball pins.
    Allows the easy and quick repositioning of the accessories and drastically reduces size changeover times, especially for small series.
  • 3 – Savings on the construction of metal jigs.
    In many processes it will no longer be necessary to build metal jigs!
    By the same accessories you will be able to fix pieces having absolutely different geometries.
  • 4 – Big decreasing of waste.
    Conspicuous savings on re-execution of workings and on waste, thanks to the reduction of noncompliant pieces.
  • 5 – Cleanliness and order.
    The nitriding and oxidation treatment avoids the adhesion of the welding projections to the table and protects it from most accidental impacts.