Welding positioner Joda Horizontal

Modules of welding positioners JODA HORIZONTAL can be combined together to be able to supply 3 different sizes :
JDH04, JDH10 and JDH20 each ones consisting of :
• Headstock JDTM
• JDTF Manual tailstock or JDHC or JDHCP pneumatic tailstocks
• JDR Base, with ball bearings linear guides, covers and levelling screws, available in sections of 2 m (JDR 2000/C) or of 3 m (JDR 3000/C)
• JDSE, JDEL and IPTRE adjustable heights dollies to suit different diameters.

1. JDR 2000/C
2. JD SE
4. JDR 3000/C
5. JD TF
6. JD EL
7. JDTM – Joda Horizontal

STANDARD FEATURES of Joda Horizontal welding positioners
• Feeding 230V 1-phase or 400V 3-phase.
• CNC Work cycle [*5].
• Weld ground : 400 A [*6].
• Remote control desk cabinet.

1. Different torque
2. Different speed range or drive
3. Pneumatic tailstock
4. Different diameter
5. Different work cycle (delayed start, 360° + x° overlapping, back stroke -0°)
6. Up to 1000 A 100%
7. Different control cabinet arrangements integrating video and joint tracking
systems and installation of Carpano’s additional equipment such as
AVC, chucks, wire feeder and so on…

W = Weight capacity kg
W x R = Rotation torque [*1]
W x K = Tilting torque kgm
E1/Be = Speed range min/max rpm / Brushless motor +
encoder [*2]
L min/max = Distance in-between tables mm
D = Table diameter mm [*3]
HS = Hollow spindle diameter [*4]
A, B, E, F, h, h1 = Dimensions mm

  • JODA HORIZONTAL welding positioners modules  can be combined together to be able to supply 3 different sizes