CARPANO EQUIPMENT offers turning rolls to accommodate the rotation of pipes, pressure vessels and tanks of different diameters and weights. Extremely safe help the operator to make less efforts

OBY2 welding rotator includes:
01 – Drive unit OBY2-E1F
02 – Idle unit OBY2-NF
03 – Remote control Rollo1-CD
Main features:
• Welded and painted carpentry
• Wheelbase adjustment by holes and pins
• Wheels tyred with rubber
• Servo-ventilated AC gearmotor controlled by inverter whit speed 100 to 1000 mm/min.

Rollo 1-CD remote control for OBY 2 welding rotator
consists in a Start/Stop double foot-switch with a control
box on its top
1. Rollo1-CD with 5m cable
2. Start Pedal (4T)
3. Stop Pedal
4. Emergy
5. 10 turn potentiometer for speed adjustment
6. Regulated/max speed switch
7. CW/CCW rotation switch
8. Weld ON/OFF switch

  • synchronized power units
  • higher speed
  • brushless motor with encoder
  • rolls made of steel or coated either with rubber or HDNT