CARPANO EQUIPMENT offers turning rolls to accommodate the rotation of pipes, pressure vessels and tanks of different diameters and weights. Extremely safe help the operator to make less efforts

OBY3, OBY8 and OBY15 are welding rotator twin-motor  with capacities 3, 8 and 15ton/set respectively.
Their base consists of strong U profiles assembled by means of welding, machined and painted.
Guides on which rolls brackets move are accurately machined to deliver precision on planarity as well as on alignment of rolls axles.
Rolls consist of a cast iron hub coated with polyurethane (Pu).
Both rolls of power unit are motorized, each of them driven by AC servo-ventilated gear-motor and both controlled by a vector inverter.

The electric cabinet Rollo1-CD is incorporated into the base and it is provided of remote control.
OBY.C3 carriages to be easily moved on rails are available to be assembled (4 pc OBY.C3 per unit) even after having purchased OBY3, OBY8 and OBY15 stationary executions.

Available on request are also:

  • synchronized power units
  • higher speed
  • brushless motor with encoder
  • rolls made of steel or coated either with rubber or HDNT