AVC arc voltage control 

AVC PLC enhances productivity and improve quality of your TIG, PLASMA and MIG/MAG welds and for PLASMA cuts as well.

• Smooth and uniform welds and cuts.
• Increase of the process speed.
• AVC arc voltage control reduce of the waste of time for process start up and for joint preparation.
• Cut of costs for consumables and torch spares.
• Operation by low skilled workmanship.
Most frequent applications:
• On manipulators for circle welding of tanks.
• On seamers for longitudinal welding.
• On turntables.
• On rotators, lathes and pantographs for plasma cutting.

Useful whenever the arc gap must be kept constant.

* Further lenght till 50 mt. on request

  • Enhances productivity
  • Improve quality of your TIG, PLASMA, MIG/MAG welds
  • Improve PLASMA cuts quality
  • Useful whenever the arc gap must be kept constant and steady