Spotty fillet welding carriage

Spotty is a compact and light weight self-aligning fillet welding carriage with rechargeable battery.
A permanent magnet allows it to slowly work in horizontal or in vertical position.

  • Spotty is provided with four drive wheels and with a permanent magnet that secures their grip on the
  • Because of its 6kg weight and of its small dimensions it is very handy and practic to use
  • Drive wheels can work on both flat and curves surfaces with an about 800mm minimum diameter
  • Two idle rolls make the carriage follow a guidance profile
  • Battery power supply allows to work with safeness and without cables
  •  It is possible to execute either continuous welding or intermittent welding setting the following parameters:
    – Weld length
    – Non-weld length, to be covered at maximum speed
    – Total weld length in cm/min
    – Crater forming and crater filling times
    – Kit for welding along external angles
    – ON/OFF magnet for stopping carriage
    – Additional batteries
    Low cost and functional capacity allow a quick economical return
  • Self-aligning welding carriage on rubber wheels moving without the aid of a specific track
  • Possible to use a guide to follow the welding track
  • A permanent magnet allows to slowly work in horizontal and in frontal position, the welding carriage is also able to work in curved surface.