FIVE-3D & TWELVE-3D 3 axis positioners

FIVE-3D and TWELVE-3D are Turn, tilt and elevating table positioners 500 and 1200 kg carrying capacity.

Both FIVE-3D and TWELVE-3D, compared to FIVE and TWELVE models, are provided with a hydraulic cylinder for the lifting of the table. Lifting takes place safely thanks to the non-return valve installed on the cylinder.

Each model is available in two versions:
– with rotation driven by AC motor with 1/10 speed regulation range.
– with rotation driven by brushless motor with encoder with 1/100 speed regulation range and greater precision.

The other two axes are driven at fixed speed:
– tilting is driven by AC motor
– elevation is driven by hydraulic power unit with AC motor

FIVE-3D and TWELVE-3D are 3 axis welding positioners that can be used to turn, lift or tilt any workpice to improve the work of the welder, also using a multi-hole octogonal table, check the catalogue for more info

FIVE-3D and TWELVE-3D are 3 axis welding positioners.

  • Tilting, elevating turntable positioner with 500 or 1200 Kg. max weight capacity
  • Roration and Tilting motorized and lifting by hydraulic cylinder
  • These turntable have got a ø100 or 130 mm. hollow spindle