Welding positioner PI and ET 2 axis with hydraulic tilting 

Rotation driven by AC and vector inverter.
Hydraulic tilt 120° or 105° according to the different version.
Interface to automatic welding machine.
24V remote control by push-button set.
Weld ground from 800 to 2200 A according to the different version.
Feeding : 400V 50 Hz.
ET-250: SAW of forged elbows
Optional features:
Different speed ranges.
Different feeding.
Digital tachometer.
Wireless remote control.
Arms to amplify table Ø up to 8 m.
Frame without front feet.
Elevation shelves.

2-AXIS POSITIONER (AC rotation, Hidraulic Tilt) – PI and ET versions

W = Weight capacity Ton

W x L = Tilt torque Tonxm
W x R = Rotation torque Tonxm
E1, E2 = Standard speed range min/max rpm
A, B, C, D, E, h, h1, H = Dimensions in mm
P = Machine weight Ton Tilt = 120° or 105° according to model