CESM – Welding carriage Squirrel 1

It can automatically perform 2 work cycles, as it is provided of
• Switch continuous / intermittent stitch welding.
• Setting of speed from 5 to 130 cm/min.
• Setting of weld stitch length from 0 to 99.9 cm.
• Setting of idle length from 0 to 99.9 cm covered at fast speed 130 cm/min.
• Display of welding speed, of weld stitch length and of idling length.
• Switch to select fast return to zero or not.
• Switch weld on/off for 2 torches.
• Carriage start delay after arc ignition.

Welding carriage Squirrel 1 sliding on semi-rigid tracks.
It can takes one or two torchs of welding or cut
The track with rack allows to work in every position: horizontal, frontal, vertical and underhead
Due to structure in aluminum fusion it is sturdy and compact
The motorization in cc with encoder guarantees precision in the movement
The electronic functions are complete of :

  • Continuous or stich welding
  • Skip setting and stich in cm/min.
  • Adjustable start delay
  • Work cycle with fast return