CARPANO EQUIPMENT Srl starts its activity in 1992 with the production of portable automation and complementary equipments.
Later on begins to manufacture the first manipulators in Aluminium by applying CNC to any single plant, despite its configuration and the axis to be handled determining, by this way, an exponential growth of its business.
A further increase is achieved with the purchasing in 2011 of PASSERINI’s brand and projects, a historic manufacturer in the same field since 1962.
Now seated in Via del Legatore, in a factory of 3.500 mq, CARPANO EQUIPMENT Srl commits itself every day to manufacture machines granting the customers:

• Quick pay-back
• Accurate process repeatability
• User-friendly
• Spare-parts availability and technical assistance even on older machines
The present site shows the wide range of our standard products, splitted by types. In the “TECH REPORT” area then, there are significant examples of applications in several industrial fields.
In case you should need more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly : our skilled staff will be glad to help you in any possible way.




The Story begins

1962 Angelo Passerini founds the company that still bears his name.

1964 The original surface 400 sq.m. of the factory, is enlarged to 1000 sq.m.

1971 Enlarged to 3000 sq.m., the factory is equipped with bridge cranes and painting cabin. Technical, financial and commercial departments are definitely structured.


The 1st C&B with tactile seam tracker

1972 On a C & B (hor x vert) 6×4 m supplied to OFF. MECC. CAVAZZA, Bologna, is installed the first automatic joint tracking system with proportional tactile probe.

1976 The first machine performing a very complex work cycle, recorded and ruled by punched card, is supplied to GIUNTI, close to Perugia

1978 Agreements for exclusive distribution to all European Countries are already signed with major Welding Companies


1st CNC controls

1982 CNC plants are supplied to integrate CLOOS robot welding stations.

1989 PASSERINI enters into ESAB Group.


CARPANO EQUIPMENT Srl : The beginning

1992 CARPANO EQUIPMENT Srl starts its activity. The original catalogue features a motorized carriage SQUIRREL, an electronic oscillator CEW1 and an AVC

1995 Passerini regains its autonomy

1997 CARPANO Srl successfully tests the first IG tactile seam tracking system


AI Power C&B

2002 CARPANO Srl starts selling the Al Power manipulators

2005 CNC integrates the plants work cycle

2011 CARPANO EQUIPMENT Srl buys Passerini and concentrate the activity of both Companies in the new 2200 sqm factory


Gantry for Frecciarossa 1000

2012 Supplying to Ansaldobreda of a gantry carrying 2 heads for welding the roof and the frame of the new AV Frecciarossa 1000 high speed train.

2013 New bench positioners ONE version

2016 AVC for MIG processes as well

2017 New positioners TWO and FIVE versions. CARPANO EQUIPMENT Srl furthermore enlarges its Productive Plant from 2200 sqm to 3500 sqm.

Carpano Equipment s.r.l.

Via del Legatore, 7 – 40138 Bologna Italy
Tel. +39 051 6053215

e-mail :
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